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About Us

We want to transform education from the “must” and “should” to a growth mindset, just to be, or better: to be U!

Our motivation

In times where cooperation, trust, empowerment gets more and more important in companies we feel that the same topics need to be addressed at a much earlier stage: instead of investing in adult-education to change the mindset, invest in getting these topics in the schools.

We believe that education is paving an early path to the being and is the gateway to a more collaborative and generative understanding of the whole.

We want to be there from the beginning on to help shape the ECOsystem.

Our mission is to help to create and introduce new methods of teaching, learning and interaction in schools.

Our approach: helping the system sense and see itself

We are experienced change agents and we believe that if we combine our knowledge with the ULAB2x participants, we all can realize a real change to the world.

We, the #Transform2GrowUth team, together with other 300+ teams are participating in the MIT ULAB2x, the Societal Transformation Lab: an online and offline innovation journey that includes systems mapping, rapid cycle prototyping and a global action research network for knowledge sharing, that contributes to creating solutions for a more sustainable future, and attack the 7 acunpucture points of our social system.

“U.lab 2x is designed to help teams, organizations and larger networks to facilitate a profound shift in their stakeholder systems.

The presencing process is a journey that connects us more deeply both to what wants to emerge in the world and to our highest future possibility—our emerging authentic self.” – presencing institute

In our #learningjourney we will be going together as a team through the U-Process applying the Theory U tools developed by the Presencing Institute and MIT Professor Otto Scharmer on the acupuncture point of education and contributing to a shift from EGO-system to ECO-system awareness.

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Many ask us what we are doing concretely. What comes out of at the end of our journey, is open. It’s not about ‘actionitis’ – it’s about helping the system see and sense itself. And creating actions that the whole system can profit from.

So, people, we do not know the outcome, but we want children to rise and shine, using their creativity and collaboration skills to create impact in the world!

We want to contribute to bring Growth Mindset into schools and contribute to bring the 4C’s of 21th century learning to schools: Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication

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