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Our product: generative dialogue with your school team

We work with the method of the generative dialogue. This special empathetic technique helps to connect people on a very deep level of understanding.

The stronger we act in realtionship, the stronger we can build on each other and create change. This is especially helpful between teachers, thinking of their cooperation amongst each other, but can also be facilitated amonst students and teachers.

The format:

We start explaining the 4 levels of listening and then process to work with the specific topic, the group need using the “generative dialogue”. 

In a safe space we reflect with empathy and sense. The concept contains very assertive listening as well as group work using pictures and change of perspective.

The duration is 2 hours online with a maximum of 9 participants. We offer a 45 minute pre-dialogue.

Introduction: 20 minutes

Generative dialogue circle 70 minutes

Conclusion: 30 minutes

What you need to bring along:

One specific topic that you want to address in your team

One picture that symbolizes the current situation

One picture which stand for the future state you wish to experience

Theory U

The “generative dialogue” ist based on Theory U founded by Otto Scharmer. The process shows “how individuals, teams, organizations and large systems can build the essential leadership capacities needed to address the root causes of today’s social, environmental, and spiritual challenges. In essence, we show how to update the operating code in our societal systems through a shift in consciousness from ego-system to eco-system awareness.”

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