Transforming Education & learning

Das Team

Man kann ein System nicht verstehen, solange man nicht versucht es zu verändern. 

Kurt Lewin

Core Team

Electrical Engineer, corporate change agent, mother of 2 children and learning affictionate. Daniella is passionate for learning, participation, self-development and unleashing potential that collaboration can bring to the school environment. She is an advocate for communication in eye level and is bringing this to schools, Universities and the corporate world. She dreams of a school environment where children are free to explore their passions, following their hearts and helping each other to learn with and from each other, connecting boundaries.

Ulab 2018 + Ulab 2019

Expert in Human Resources, switched the corporate career to lean projects and later to cultural change through transformation, corporate change agent, agile coach mother of 2 children. Steffi loves to playfully initiate new things so that she experiences unexpected adventures in life. Following this purpose she discovered that “new work” culture will only work in future when the system moves towards a “new school” culture. We need a school that protects kid’s creativity and skills each individual has and that reaches out to the kid’s strengths so that they can cope with the future challenges in theirs life and work later on.

Ulab 2017

Stefanie is an experienced leadership coach, mindfulness trainer and consultant. Her focus area is leadership development and working with Millenials. After 16 years in the corporate “system” she has volunteered with start-up organisations to understand how self-organised teams function helping develop a human centric culture within the digital transformation. In her work Stefanie clients are asking for purpose and “Who am I? ” more often. Her passion is to help people to connect and live their purpose. As an expert in mindfulness I would like to help establish a focus on “BEING” connected to the inner self in the context improving social learning. I would like to enable young learners to be present and make a conscious choice at all times to shape their future and act from the whole.

Ulab 2019

Barbara is mum of three kids, agile coach and trainer of teachers. She wants to change something in education area because she believes the actual education system is wasting the potential of our kids. They are all full of competencies and innovational ideas which they forget when they start with school in actual form. 

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